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Switzerland is the cradle of watches, watch the birthplace. Today, the Swiss watch, almost no one does not know! Rolex, Omega, Longines and other well-known brands are produced in Switzerland. In Switzerland to buy table, more than the domestic style, the price will be cheaper. So many people will go to Switzerland to buy the table. To this end, the watch house to prepare to buy a Swiss watch a friend to make some suggestions, after all, most people do not understand the market, write it also allows us to spend less money as much as possible. The following look at the Swiss watch to buy Raiders it!

1, according to the price of the watch is divided into five grades: 2K the following, 2K to 1w, 1w to 3w, 3w to 10w, 10w or more.

A, 2K following the basic nothing to recommend the brand, the only need to pay attention to the price of less than 2K of any Swiss brand is not worth buying

B, 2K to 1w range recommended brands in turn: Tissot, Longines, Omega. Tissot is currently available in the market can buy the cheapest authentic Swiss brand; Longines price basically higher than the Tissot, Omega higher than Longines, but the price of your watches to try to go to Hong Kong to buy; In addition to the above recommended three brands, Do not buy any other brands in this price range, even if they are known as the Swiss brand do not buy; If you have to buy other brands can not recommend Amy, Mido and Oris three brands.

C, 1w to 3w this interval is the most embarrassing, more than less than the more than the next. Integrated down or devaluation TAG Heuer (Chinese name TAG Heuer), because the product line is relatively rich, while OMEGA’s high-end series is also good; try to go to Hong Kong to buy a table.

D, 3 million to 10 million range of varieties is too rich, and difficult to choose. Devaluation is absolutely Rolex, a successful man must be equipped with a Rolex, some people say Rolex too vulgar, the problem is “good” with the basic watch out few people know the goods. Other brands are IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard Perregaux, Cartier, Earl, Chopin, Kunlun, Blancpain, Breitling, etc. Remember, the price of watches must go to Hong Kong or Japan to buy.

E, more than 100,000 watches for collection and not suitable for wear.

2, any fashion brand watches do not buy.

3, why go to Hong Kong to buy a table? The reason is very simple, cheap. Mainland tariff is too high, with the style of Hong Kong watch at least 30% cheaper, imagine if one day, you find yourself spending tens of thousands of high-end watches to buy the original value of only half the price, it would be a psychological gap.

4, now go to Hong Kong to buy a table is very convenient, casually with a tour group will be able to more than 1,000 block three-day tour. But remember to guard against the guide or roadside stalls selling any of your well-known or unknown watches, the cost of these tables, without exception, are below the RMB500. Be sure to go to regular watch stores, such as the King of watches and clocks, like the large Hong Kong table line to buy.

5, whether in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, or any other country, all the regular shops of the clock counter can be Kanjia, 7-8 fold is an open discount, and then cut the number depends on your ability.

6, on non-Swiss production of watches. Germany has several well-known brands, Italy PANERAI is also very good, but we are not familiar with, I will not specifically recommended. Only SEIKO Seiko watch among Japanese brands is worth buying.

7, if you only intend to buy a watch life, then you must buy Rolex. You can have 10 million reasons do not like Rolex, but I want to say is, I know all of them, no one because of the purchase of Rolex and regret. Rolex watches like Mercedes-Benz, like, never out of date.

Watch classification

(1) original authentic, original authentic original, an international guarantee, invoices, global security.

(The original table is actually equipped with this kind of movement is only in the components of a little improvement), such as general will not be when the original assembly (the original factory number) Imitation of the table will be sold to take seriously sell the so-called parallel imports (not the original international warranty and the global UNPROFOR). Even if the table has experienced veteran watchmakers will not see.

On Buying a Table in Switzerland

Switzerland, in addition to the Alps, in addition to banks, in addition to chocolate and saber, what? Of course, there are famous Swiss watch.

1, looking for shops

Although Switzerland is a small country, but also divided into German, French and Italian language area. Here I would like to focus on the German-speaking region of Zurich. If you come to Zurich, Switzerland, you will certainly go to its most famous Railway Station Street (BAHNHOFSTRASSE.), Which is the most popular streets of Zurich, although the street is not wide, but pedestrians and visitors still shuttle endless. On the road open blue Dangdang (road tram) — a Zurich’s most common means of transport, day tickets 7 2 Ruifa, random downtown. This road at both ends of the major brand shops are all, like CARTIER HERMESCHANELDIOR ,, and so on and so on, the facade is absolutely not as big as Tokyo, Tokyo, but go around is worth it. If you are new to Zurich to buy a table, then I suggest you first should go to the street, because here is the most famous Zurich most homogeneous stores, and some stores also speak Chinese sales lady.

In a large number of table shop, KURZ, GUEBLIN BURCHERER is the first to bear the brunt of several. These are on the left hand side. On the right hand side in the HERMES can be found next to sell jewelry and sell APBREGUETPP a table shop, and then walk past IWC and MEISTER. BURCHERER this shop is Switzerland’s largest jewelry clock chain, you can basically find here all Class name table brand, save the pain of running around. But like BLANCPAIN and Baidelifei, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other brands is not sold, go to some of the more professional table shop only. Here also mention that, in Switzerland is not a lot of watch shops have to sell Rolex, and if you want to buy this brand, you should go to BURCHERER look.

2, the brand

Europe’s top ten watches and the concept of the top ten watches in Asia is different, the main focus on movement, modeling in the second place. Although some of the brand price is about the same, but in the eyes of the people understand the table, ranking position is not the same. According to a table sector friends said, because many Swiss watches in China has not yet begun to sell advertising, so people know not a lot of fame but not as good as Rolex, Omega and so on. Switzerland’s top 10 watches still have a ranking in private, but the store will not tell you, so their first psychological to do a good number. Here he said to me about the ranking, of course, this is only for your reference.

1, Paterson Phillips (pp) ——— This is recognized as the first block of the world brand, the price thing also … . But his home advertising is getting worse, I do not know a table inside the number of ads accounted for the composition. . .

2, AP (AUDEMARS PIGUET) – looks good, the movement can be ,,, other Oh, do not say.

3, BLANCPAIN ——- This is my friend to push my watch, he said, although the fame as the first two kinds of ring, but definitely a collection of classic significance of a. Always keep a low profile to do only mechanical watch, always with the movement as a selling point. Because do not go fashion line, so 200 years has always been pushing only round dial, never changed. Low-key, have strength of character. I like. After winning its home orchid, more and more like it.

4, PIAGET ———– Earl this I believe we all know it, not Syria

5, BREGUET – this brand is not advertising, more obscure, but there is a lot of Europeans like it

6, Vacheron Constantin

7, JAEGER-LECONLTRE Jaeger-LeCoultre —- I like the name, maybe I like it style.

8, ZENITH — fashionable fashion watch fashion, new idea emerge in an endless stream, said the movement is also very good. Maybe next time will be shot.

Here to say is, and domestic, Rolex, Chopin, CARTIER can only be counted as a class table, and I found that I have hit the money on a class of the table.

In fact, the more expensive the table is not suitable for their own. To find a suitable for their own watches have to spend some effort. For me, wearing a watch may look more mood, so fashionable watches such as CHANEL, Chopin, BVLGARI are good. And I also prefer the table in the leather strap, it is best that is very kind of skin is crocodile.

3, bargain

Select a good counter and like the watch, you play all your abilities and expertise, bargaining go, but this is better than in the food market to buy food, shouting is useless. Give us a bottom line, fight for it, 5% of the discount should not be difficult to take. If you buy about 10,000 Swiss law, you can try to win 7-10% of the discount, but 10% of the discount SALES often ask the manager to tell you. Of course, if you buy 10 million 8 million, then it is another matter, when the manager himself will run out to receive you. Here to say a funny episode, a bunch of Indians to luzern burcherer to buy the table, they bargain unsuccessful, actually in the store on the lobby of the convenience of marble up, because they are wearing Indian robe and crowded in a pile, So people did not pay attention at that time, the group of people to go after being surprised to find that the results of bad managers can only clean up the stench of this stink. Because the history of this precedent, the first two days of this news on the front page of the local daily. This kind of bargaining is not on the convenient things, really is unheard of.

4, TAXFREE tax form

Bring your passport when you buy the form, and then you can fill the tax form. 400Refa above can be 7% tax rebate, Zurich airport has a special tax rebate office, but since the completion of the new airport, the place is difficult to find, and only one person before 8 am office, so it is best to go early.

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