about an old Watches of Switzerland chronograph model

I had an old Watches of Switzerland chronograph model which was more or less identical, certainly the same case. Not sure who the replica watch maker was, though I seem to recall it may have been Roamer, but maybe my memory isn’t so good.
It was a fine watch anyway and this is going back to the 1960’s maybe.

Many thanks again Rich for the superb job on the replica watch. A bit of extra information about it:- It was bought from a ‘posh’ jewelers just behind ‘St Martins in the Field’ off of Trafalgar Square in London, England, at a staff discounted price (friend worked there) of just under £40, quite a lot in 1968, as at the time I was paying about £6 a week rent for an unfurnished flat in Highgate North London!  replica watches hot sale UK (Just checked on Zoopla, a flat in the same road is now £410/week!!)

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